The immigration debate takes center stage in Washington today. President Obama is meeting with the 26-member Congressional Hispanic Caucus at the White House, and House Republicans are gathering for a critical meeting to plot their course.

At Heritage, we’ll be hosting our own conversation. We invite you to join us for a Google+ Hangout at 1 p.m. today. You can watch it live on this page or follow us on Google+ for an update.

We’ll be answering your questions about immigration reform and discussing the policy, politics and real-life consequences of amnesty. To ask a question, please leave a comment below or send me a tweet @RobertBluey.

Our panel includes:

  • Derrick Morgan, who leads a team of public policy researchers and analysts as vice president for domestic and economic policy at The Heritage Foundation. (@ddmorganindc)
  • Jessica Anderson, deputy political director for Heritage Action for America, responsible for identifying, equipping and training grassroots activists. (@JessAnderson2)
  • Isaiah Cohen of Harrisburg, PA, whose fiancee is waiting to come lawfully to the United States from the Philippines. (@Yeshaya_C)
  • Virginia Prodan, a Dallas attorney who escaped Communist Romania and was granted political asylum by the United States in 1988. (@VirginiaProdan)

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