Yesterday, the CBO released its score of the Gang of Eight’s immigration
bill. Heritage’s Derrick Morgan began analyzing the numbers immediately
and saw major problems. The Gang of Eight bill:

  • WILL NOT stop illegal immigration – Despite promises of a secure border, the bill would slow future illegal immigration by only 25 percent, according to the CBO. In the next couple of decades, that means 7.5 million new illegal immigrants.
  • WILL drive down wages ­– For legal American workers, the CBO estimates the bill would drive down their average wages.
  • WILL burden taxpayers ­– ­Newly legalized immigrants will create trillions of dollars in welfare and entitlement costs under amnesty.

This afternoon, Morgan will examine these and other concerns regarding the
true costs and challenges in the Gang of Eight legislation. Chief Economist of the Senate Budget Committee William Beach and Heritage Senior Research Fellow Robert Rector, will join the discussion.

>>>Watch the event live at 2 p.m. ET: Scoring the Immigration Bill.