House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) has said that the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill is not amnesty—and he’s willing to debate anyone who believes it is.

Appearing on “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Heritage’s Genevieve Wood said lawmakers are using buzzwords like “pathway to citizenship,” but at the end of the day, “amnesty is amnesty, no matter what you call it.”

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Dobbs asked about the impact of immigration policy on voters, and Wood said a policy that helps people get ahead in America is needed.

“I think Republicans ought to be trying to get more Hispanic votes—they ought to be trying to reach more people, period, but you don’t do that by putting forward bad policy,” Wood said.  “If we really say we care about these folks, we need to be ensuring that we have a system and a country that allows them to move up the economic ladder and really pursue the American dream.”


America’s Opportunity for All: Strengthen Immigration Through Commonsense Reforms

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