Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) spoke at Heritage yesterday about winning public support for a conservative agenda for government. He joined Heritage’s Jackie Anderson afterward to talk about legislative battles in Congress: gun control, immigration reform, and the Internet sales tax.

With two Senate immigration hearings having just concluded, Lee urged caution on the Gang of Eight’s bill and called for a step-by-step approach to fixing the immigration system.

We need start on the areas where there’s the most broad-based, bipartisan consensus. There is broad-based, bipartisan consensus for border-security enhancement, the modernization of our visa structure, for the completion of a long-overdue exit and entry system. … I think we could get bills passed on all three of those items and do it relatively quickly.

The problem is that when you tie those issues up and hold them hostage, saying we’re not going to pass any of those unless we simultaneously pass something that aims to legalize 11 million people … you run into some problems.

Lee, who last night voted against a procedural motion on the misnamed Marketplace Fairness Act, warned that consumers will face higher prices as a result of new Internet taxes if the bill is adopted.