Join us at noon ET for the Bloggers Briefing at The Heritage Foundation. Included in today’s discussion:

A regulatory tsunami is about to hit. One of the most ridiculous regulations stemming from Obamacare requires restaurants, including franchised chains with 20 or more locations, to post calorie and nutritional information for all products on in-store menu boards. It’s estimated to cost locally owned businesses up to $4,000 per year. My colleague Diane Katz warned about it this summer. We’ll hear more about the impact from the Food Marketing Institute.

Can the United Nations grab Americans’ guns? That’s the question on the minds of Second Amendment advocates in the wake of a vote this week on the U.N.’s Arms Trade Treaty. With final action slated for March 2013, we’ll bring you an update from Heritage’s Ted Bromund. He spent time in Turtle Bay blogging on the craziness of treaty this summer.