World records don’t come easy, but a new one has been set by a very deserving film.

Honor Flight, a documentary film about World War II veterans and their journeys to see the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC, premiered to a world record 28,400 people earlier this year in Wisconsin.

The film follows the stories of four elderly veterans from Wisconsin as they venture to D.C. with a team of volunteers to see the memorial built in their honor. World War II veterans are all in their 80s or 90s and for most, it’s been years since their service to the United States has even been mentioned.

The National World War II Memorial opened to the public in 2005, but it’s not easy for America’s elderly veterans to get there—especially those so far away that they need to fly.

Several years ago, The Honor Flight Network was created to help bring thousands of veterans to D.C. to see the memorial. Each day, more than 1,200 WWII veterans pass away, so this non-profit organization has a uniquely urgent mission.

A team of dedicated volunteers flies with the group to assist with transportation. Often, when the veterans deplane at the airport, a crowd awaits them, standing and clapping for them to demonstrate years of previously silent appreciation.

The film is a powerful tribute to these deserving men and women. For them, watching the world-record premiere surrounded by friends, family and fellow veterans was unforgettable. The response to Honor Flight has been nothing short of amazing, and the film could even be up for an Academy Award.

Pledge to see the film and sign up for a free screening in your area here.  Find an Honor Flight hub near you here.