Budget Sense, a bi-weekly newsletter from The Heritage Foundation, delivers the most recent developments in the struggle to bring America’s fiscal house in order and save the American Dream.

Each issue of Budget Sense features the latest work from Heritage experts giving timely information, commentary, and analysis on the issues of federal spending, taxes, debt, and entitlements. Heritage experts go further and present timely, straightforward policies and solutions.

A tsunami of spending is breaking over the United States. The entitlement programs consisting of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are already bankrupting the country and spending is on track to double by 2050. Meanwhile, the nation is heading towards a fiscal cliff of massive proportions. Under President Obama’s leadership, Congress is faced with a false choice between military insecurity and economic insecurity for 2013.

Undoubtedly, long-term entitlement and budget reform is an uphill battle. However, the longer Congress waits to address the issues, the more difficult and painful reform will become. Waiting to make decisions could force European-style austerity that would be economically disastrous. One need look no further than Greece to see that delayed, crisis-driven decision making does not allow adequate time to weigh pros and cons of legislation and to make prudent decisions.

Budget Sense provides insight into what it means to apply prudence and common sense to federal spending and entitlement issues. Each issue also features a chart from the Federal Budget in Pictures that illustrates the current budget situation.

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