Whether it’s the founders of Five Guys Burgers & Fries or Facebook, entrepreneurs are at the heart of our capitalist system. Such leaders see the future and take real steps to create it with the tools at hand. By doing so, they create more jobs and opportunities than any other group in our society. The American Spirit, a new book coauthored by Dr. Ed Feulner, president of The Heritage Foundation, and Brian Tracy, encourages that entrepreneurial spirit.

It begins with a child and a simple lemonade stand, and continues as a generational operation. According to a recent Gallup study, 77% of elementary and high school students say they want to be their own boss. Yet why is it that when these children grow up and attempt to achieve their dreams, they get tangled in the red tape of big government?

“The entrepreneurial spirit is what builds America, because entrepreneurs… are             the ones who create the real dynamo of the economy and provide the real opportunities for individuals to get employment.” – Ed Feulner

The perseverance and diligence that Americans display are what make our country exceptional. The American dream of owning a business (according to Gallup, the stated desire of 45% of American students) is a big part of what this country is built on. There is always room for growth and success. Capitalism is, in fact, good for our economy.

In their chapter on capitalism the authors write, “Where some nations have age-old caste systems or entrenched class systems from which escape to a better life is next to impossible, the free market capitalist system in the United States presents opportunities for every individual to improve his or her life.” We are a successful nation because of the American people and their infectious spirit. The American Spirit reminds us during these tough economic times that we live in an exceptional nation.

Published in hardcover and for Kindle e-readers, The American Spirit (256 pages, Thomas Nelson, 2012) is available at AmericanSpiritBook.com and at bookstores everywhere.