The Heritage Foundation, in partnership with the Franklin Center for Government and Public Intergrity, is proud to be hosting the first annual Breitbart Awards dinner this weekend.

The event will take place at the Future of Journalism Summit in Providence, R.I., on Friday evening, and will honor a journalist, a blogger, and a citizen who exemplify the values championed by the late Andrew Breitbart.

The journalist award will be given to the Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein, author of the new ebook Conservative Survival in the Romney Era. Ace of Spades will be honored with the blogger award, while Hating Breitbart director Andrew Marcus will take home the citizen award.

Erik Telford, senior vice president of outreach at Franklin, explained the awards to Politico’s Dylan Byers:

“Breitbart set an example of what any indvidual can do, and showed people that you don’t need to go to journalism school or be a professional to make a big impact […] What we’re honoring, and what people are inspired to follow, is his pursuit for accountablity, finding the tories other people wouldn’t cover, and making sure the public got the information they deserve.”

…Telford said that he hopes the mission of Breitbard extends beyond conservatives.

“What he was doing is something that was not necessarily restericted to a specific ideology,” Telford said. “Anyone on either side can stand up and question elected officials, question organizations that wield power in the political system. His devotion was to the truth, more so than conservatism, and going forward I hope that’s what inspires people.”