Having spent nearly 30 years as a doctor in Oklahoma, Sen. Tom Coburn thinks like a physician even when he’s working in the nation’s capital. He identifies symptoms that manifest from a disease. And when it comes to our nation’s debt crisis, that disease is the political class in Washington.

Coburn outlines this critique in a new book called “The Debt Bomb: A Bold Plan to Stop Washington from Bankrupting America.” He visits The Heritage Foundation to speak at The Bloggers Briefing today at noon ET.  Breitbart TV will air the briefing live.

The book is Coburn’s latest attempt to spur Washington to change—an uphill battle in a city where politicians too often refuse to relinquish power to the detriment of America. The result is a debt crisis that grows worse by the day. Washington, meanwhile, continues to spend money it doesn’t have—doubling the size of government in 10 years, according to Coburn’s recent interview with PBS.

Coburn has done his part to move in a new direction. Few senators have made cutting wasteful spending a higher priority. He made popular taxpayer boondoggles such as the “Bridge to Nowhere” and New York’s “Woodstock Museum.” Coburn has also attempted to reform big-ticket items like Medicare. His office regularly produces the “Wastebook,” which offers concrete ideas for reducing the size of government.

Following his remarks, Heritage welcomes Col. Kerry Kachejian, an Army Reserve engineer, to speak at The Bloggers Briefing. Kachejian, author of “SUVs Suck in Combat,” starred in part one of the America at Risk video series.

Kachejian will address the military’s readiness challenges, including the risks associated with budget cuts that are mandated by sequestration. He plans to share his firsthand experiences of serving in Iraq and what it was like to take an SUV into combat during the war.

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