Priscilla Buckley

Photo Courtesy of National Review

Heritage Foundation President Edwin J. Feulner issued the following statement on the passing of Priscilla Buckley, longtime managing editor of the National Review, who died Sunday at age 90.

Priscilla and I served together for seven years on President Reagan’s  U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy.  As commissioners, we met monthly in Washington and travelled together frequently.  We went to Guantanamo (before it was considered newsworthy), to Berlin (before the Wall came down), to China (before it was popular), and most every other part of the world.

She was the ideal traveling companion.   Her insights, her unfailing good humor, and her ability to talk with kings and commoners alike, were an entertainment and an inspiration to all of us.  And no matter where we found ourselves, her unwavering commitment to the principles of the free society and to the Republic shone through.

Priscilla was a mentor, a colleague, and a friend for so many years, not just to my wife, Linda, and me, but to our daughter, Emily, as well.  We will miss her greatly, but take comfort in the knowledge that with this, her final trip, she has arrived at the best place of all.