Liberals have declared that there is a “war on women” in the United States but is that really true? A little bit of international perspective on women’s rights goes a long way.  The truth is this: there is a war on women in the world – and here’s what it looks like:

Last week in Morocco, 16-year old Amina’s al-Filali committed suicide after being forced to marry her rapist. After charges were filed against the rapist by al-Filali’s parents, a local judge determined the best route to be marriage — in order to “resolve” the impurity of sexual violation against her. For Amina, it was too much.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Honorata Kizende was kidnapped and raped by armed militias, then forced to be a sex slave for a year. After being released, her family rejected her due to the stigma of rape. In a place where violent rape is rampant, many women live without the support and comfort of family due to the shame cast on rape victims.

A recent Oscar-winning Hollywood documentary, “Saving Face,” documents the horrifying trend of acid attacks on females in Pakistan. Simply disrespecting or divorcing their husbands is the usual justification for such action. Most abusers go unpunished.

Last year in Afghanistan, the Taliban forced a woman to abort her baby – then shot her dead, for alleged adultery. Chinese women are routinely forced to abort their babies due to the country’s reprehensible one-child policy.

In Saudi Arabia, women are still fighting for the right to drive, to be seen in public alone, to be educated and to play sports.

So is there a war against women? You bet. And the United States has an opportunity to address the horrific injustices against the world’s women by promoting freedom through our foreign policy and encouraging the respect and care of women throughout the world.

As Heritage’s Grace Melton wrote, “The U.S. should work conscientiously to identify and address the real needs of women around the world, such as advancing maternal health, preventing and treating disease, securing legal rights, and seeking greater economic empowerment.”

It’s time liberals recognize that the real fight for women’s basic human rights is happening in places like Morocco, Saudi Arabia & Afghanistan – where women are treated like second class citizens and worse. The women in that war need all they help they can get.