More bad news for those who want to raise taxes in order to pay for another boatload of government spending: The vast majority of Americans say that the country is taxed enough already.

According to a new Rasmussen poll, 56% of likely U.S. voters believe America is overtaxed. Those numbers follow a poll last week that shows that the vast majority of likely voters want individuals and businesses to pay lower rates.

Of course, to hear liberals tell the story, you’d think Americans are clamoring for paying even more money to Uncle Sam. Meanwhile, the President is looking to higher taxes as a way of tackling America’s debt crisis. Last summer, he traveled America campaigning for higher taxes as part of Congress’ debt deal, saying “We can’t just cut our way out of this hole.” And in his FY 2013 budget released last month, the President’s tax hike proposal topped out at a whopping $2 trillion.

More taxes are part and parcel with the President’s plans to expand the size and scope of government — more spending for infrastructure, Obamacare, and green energy boondoggles, among them — paired up with a refusal to undertake serious, much-needed reforms for entitlement programs.

With the debt threat and the calls for more taxes, it’s no wonder the economy is stuck in a pattern of slow-motion growth. Businesses are sitting on the side, not knowing what taxes, fees, and regulations the future will hold. Meanwhile, the American people are saying “enough is enough” — it’s time to lower the tax burden.