Puerto Rico has long flirted with the idea of becoming the 51st state. This year voters will once again have their choice at the ballot box. And for Gov. Luis Fortuño, the time is right.

Fortuño visited the nation’s capital last week for a meeting at the White House on increased drug trafficking through the Caribbean. It’s one of many challenges facing Puerto Rico.

When he took office in 2009, Fortuño inherited a poor economy and high unemployment. He has instituted reforms to balance the budget and reduce the overall tax burden. The Wall Street Journal recently featured his plans to switch electricity generation from oil to natural gas.

During his visit to Heritage, we spoke to Fortuño about Puerto Rican statehood, his relationship with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, drug trafficking, budget reforms and why Hispanics should find conservatism appealing.

The interview runs about 4 minutes. Hosted by Rob Bluey and produced by Brandon Stewart. For more videos from Heritage, subscribe to our YouTube channel.