In an op-ed for FOX News Heritage’s Jim Carafano lays out policy ideas that can lead to true immigration reform. The main argument was that immigration reform cannot begin with Amnesty. There are many other ways to confront the problem of illegal immigration, but Amnesty is a “non-starter”

The first thing we must do, Carafano argues, is secure our borders. This will require a partnership with Mexico. Carafano states:

…we can and must do more stateside to secure the border. But we need sensible security measures, with D.C., the states and border communities all pulling in the same direction.

In the last few years, the borders, especially on the Mexican side, have gotten much worse. The cartels have taken hold of the borders. The Cartels used to run when they saw the police, but now they fight back. Hopefully, the tide will change soon. If we don’t secure our borders first, we won’t have meaningful reform.

Another step to take for reform is giving employers the tools they need to prevent the from hiring illegal immigrants. Whether it is e-verify, or another policy, employers need more tools. Carafano argues:

In addition to doing better operationally, we need to do a better job on the policy front. That includes effective, adequate temporary worker programs that get employers the employees when they need, when they need them to help grow the economy and create more jobs. It means opening the door to high-skilled immigration. It also means enforcing the immigration and workplace laws.

Finally, Amnesty should not be a policy option. Not only would it encourage more illegal immigration, it would also reward those who have broken our laws.

Finally, immigration reform cannot lead with amnesty. Americans will have to demonstrate wisdom and compassion in crafting strategies to deal with those are residing unlawfully in the United States now, but the campaign cannot start by granting a widespread amnesty. That would reward those who have broken our laws and undermine confidence in all other efforts to fix the problem. Amnesties just encourage more illegal entry and unlawful presence.

Amnesty will lead to more problems and will not solve very many. One thing is clear. Our current policies are not working and they desperately need to be reformed.

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