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  1. At 50, the Chinook remains the Army’s workhorse – Michael Hoffman, Army Times
  2. Graves eyes upper rungs of conservative ladder – Daniel Malloy, The Atlantic Journal-Constitution
  3. Lawmakers: Revamp disaster recovery system – Deborah Barfield Berry, Clarion Ledger
  4. A major victory, but the battle rages on – Peter Brookes, New York Post
  5. The green-jobs fallacy –  Ed Feulner, St. Paul Pioneer Press
  6. Obamanomics: Hollow out defense, fatten up cronies – James Carafano, The Washington Examiner
  7. Similar union battle, different tack in NY – Ted Phillips, Newsday
  8. Secret Super Committee Negotiations – Brian H. Darling, Human Events
  9. Taking Entitlement Reform to the Campaign Trail – Tom Leppert, National Review
  10. The Law of the Sea: The U.S. Navy trumps a U.N. treaty – Michael Goldfarb & Steven Groves, The Weekly Standard