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  1. Leave Google Alone – Bob Barr, The Daily Caller
  2. Obama jobs plan: More bureacrats – The Washington Times
  3. Warren Buffett Does Not Endorse White House’s “Buffett Rule” –  Real Clear Politics
  4. Al-Awlaki Is Dead, But Terrorists’ Unholy War Is Far From Over – James Jay Carafano,
  5. China’s Space Lab Launch Closes Gap With U.S. Dependent on Russian Rockets – Ben Richardson and Simone Baribeau
  6. The green jobs fallacy – Ed Fuelner,
  7. From Britain to U.S., frank talk needed on absent fathers – Jennifer A. Marshall, pressofAtlanticCity
  8. Just say ‘no’ to abstinence, our gov’t (sadly) says – Penna Dexter, Baptist Press
  9. Al Sharpton: ‘Put Governor Christie in Jail for 90 Days to Lose Weight – Noel Sheppard, NewsBusters
  10. Blue America’s Red Gene – Michael G. Franc, National Review Online