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  1. Sorting out the Postal Service’s future – Rep. Darrell Issa, The Washington Times
  2. Minimum Wage – Another Example of Good Intentions Gone Wrong – James Sherk,
  3. Pakistan must pay – Peter Brookes, The New York Post
  4. Japan Muddies Water in South China Sea Debate – Simon Roughneen, The Irrawaddy
  5. Declaring Haqqanis Terror Organization May Backfire on U.S. – John Walcott and Viola Gienger, Bloomberg Businessweek
  6. Not all Google employees want higher taxes – Tina Korbe, Hot Air
  7. Congress gets bill to promote jobs in major sectors – Joe Napsha, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
  8. Short-Term Fixes That Take Time and Resolve Little – Jennifer Steinhauer, The New York Times
  9. Economic Euthanasia: More Poison Pills From The EPA – Larry Bell, Forbes
  10. Head to Head: Should in-state tuition be available to kids brought here illegally? – Ben Boychuk and Pia Lopez, The Sacramento Bee