“The power and influence of education unions has a significant effect on schools today. But is that good for American students?”

Education Unions: Made Simple, the fourth in a series of short videos, explains the stifling effect of unions on the nation’s schools using a simple analogy.

Sunny, a talented musician who is adored by his fans, is suddenly forced to join a musicians’ union. While the union provides perks, it also pushes rules upon him, such as restricting how long he can meet with fans and the time he can spend performing. It also prohibits him from signing autographs. Of course, the union also takes part of his paycheck. While Sunny’s fans still love his music, they are disappointed that he can no longer play all of their favorite songs or meet them backstage before a performance.

Similarly, education unions often hinder teachers’ ability to meet students’ needs. Regulations limit teachers from providing additional help to students, and rather than helping to ensure that quality teachers are in the classroom, unions protect poorly performing teachers. Furthermore, unions block needed education reforms, such as school choice, alternative teacher certification, and performance pay for teachers.

But this doesn’t have to be the end of the story. States are pushing back against the stifling demands of education unions and giving schools greater freedom to put the needs of students first.

Step by step, lawmakers and citizens can create a happy ending for the children across the nation.

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