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  1. A malfunctioning ‘reset’ – Ed Feulner, Washington Times
  2. The Super-Rich Can Always Choose Not to Be Coddled – Michael G. Franc, National Review Online
  3. Government dollars fuel wealth – Annie Gowen, Washington Post
  4. Regulation Business, Jobs Booming Under Obama – John Merline, Investor’s Business Daily
  5. Compromise, or We Shoot the Pentagon – James Kitfield
  6. California Redistricting Panel Broke Law – John Hrabe, Cal Watchdog
  7. Stimulus Dollars Snapped Up to Fund Teen Alligator Wrestlers – Drew Johnson, Taxpayers Protection Alliance
  8. ATF promotes three Fast & Furious supervisors – Ed Morrissey, Hot Air
  9. The Pipeline Protest – Minus the Pipeline Protest – Mark Green, Energy Tomorrow
  10. Take a Stand Against Kraft’s Thoughtless Contest – Beverly Willett, National Review Online