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  1. Gallup: Obama job rating sinks below 40% for first time – Michael A. Memoli, Los Angeles Times
  2. Economists’ outlook darkens: See 30% chance of recession – Paul Davidson and Barbara Hansen, USA Today
  3. Debt panel should educate the public on tough choices – Boston Globe
  4. Postal Service running out of money – James Gattuso, Orange County Register
  5. Day to remember before we die – James Carafano, Washington Examiner
  6. Rumsfeld: A Voice of Reason and Experience in Turbulent Times – Ginni Thomas, Daily Caller
  7. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell takes to national stage – James Hohmann, Politico
  8. ObamaCare August Recess Guide: The Knowledge You Need, The Questions to Ask – Independent Women’s Voice
  9. Louisiana Remains on the Receiving End of Washington’s Worst Regulations – Kevin Mooney, Pelican Post
  10. Harry Reid expects Tea Party to fade away – Glenn Cook, Las Vegas Review-Journal