Today marks the Obama administration’s debt deadline, and lawmakers in both parties are rushing to comply. The House hurriedly passed the Budget Control Act yesterday on a vote of 269 to 161. Sixty-six conservatives broke ranks. The Senate is expected to vote today; several conservatives have already voiced their opposition. Meanwhile, transparency promises are being ignored on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) will visit Heritage today for The Bloggers Briefing. He is one of the 22 conservatives who voted against Speaker John Boehner’s bill to raise the debt ceiling last week, and stood firm in voting against the latest debt deal yesterday. He’s a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights and an advocate for a Balanced Budget Amendment. Listen on BlogTalkRadio or watch at It starts at noon ET.

On Capitol Hill, meanwhile, the five members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission are scheduled to appear before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. The hearing will explore the NRC task force report that recommended safety changes for U.S. nuclear plants following the reactor disaster in Japan. It is unclear how quickly the NRC will advance with the recommendations due to a split among members.