In case you missed this week’s Heritage Libertad Radio Show, make sure to listen to it here:

Heritage Libertad Radio Show: La Raza, Member Questions, Education

The hour-long program kicks off its first 30 minutes in Spanish, covering the debt ceiling: What’s the debate really about? And why are the left’s phrases of a “balanced approach” and “shared sacrifice” misleading?

We also discuss President Obama’s recent speech to La Raza: How can conservatives reach out more effectively to the Hispanic community? Did the right miss an opportunity here to do so?

The Spanish segment wraps up answering Heritage members’ questions: Did the Founders really believe blacks were 3/5 of a white person? How can Senator Mitch McConnell (R–KY) force a vote on repeal of Obamacare?

The second half of the program is in English. The opening segment revisits the President’s speech to La Raza, and later on we answer member questions: How do we bring down the deficit? Why do we send so many jobs overseas?

We finish up the show with Heritage analyst Lindsey Burke, who discusses education and the recent school choice “spring” that’s erupted across the United States.

Listen to the full show!