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  1. As Criminal Laws Proliferate, More Are Ensnared – Gary Fields & John R. Emshwiller
  2. The Truth Comes Out in Honduras – Mary Anastasia O’Grady
  3. A Year Later, Dodd-Frank Delays Are Piling Up – Ben Protess
  4. Will Obama ever learn economics from Reagan? – Edwin Meese III & Michael Needham
  5. Obama Sets Tax Trap, GOP Takes Bait – Brian Darling
  6. Cheating fails the character test – Jennifer A. Marshall
  7. Meese Helps Social Conservatives to Stay Relevant – Janie Lorber
  8. Obama administration’s charm offensive fails to win over business groups – Peter Schroeder & Bernie Becker
  9. The New Reagan Democrats – Stephen Moore
  10. NFL lockout over; players to approve new deal – Ed Morrissey