On Sunday, May 22, the team at Heritage Libertad hosted their monthly talk show on WEBR Fairfax public radio. The bilingual show – with the first half in Spanish and the second half in English – featured commentary on a broad range of topics.

The English segment covered the economy, debt ceiling, the Heritage budget plan, and included a special  interview with Rep. Peter Roskam (R – Ill.), Chief Deputy Whip in the House, who discussed energy prices. In addition to drilling, can more be done to bring down oil prices? And does President Obama’s rhetoric on energy match up with his actions? Well, you’ll hear answers to these questions and more from Rep. Roskam.

Be sure to listen to the English segment, here.

The Spanish segment also included coverage of the debt ceiling and budget, but we were privileged to be joined by Council on Foreign Relations expert, Joel Hirst, who discussed some of the latest going on in Venezuela and Latin America.

Be sure to listen to the Spanish segment, here.