Pollster Scott Rasmussen joined us “In The Green Room” to discuss Obamacare on the eve of its one year anniversary. We discussed how the law has remained consistently unpopular—from about 54% of Americans favoring repeal one year ago to 53% still favoring repeal nearly one year later.

As Mr. Rasmussen pointed out, this is still an issue on the minds of many voters, especially among seniors who are likely impacted most by the new law. While admitting that attention to this issue may not always be this high, Mr. Rasmussen suggested that it will continue to weigh on Americans’ minds. “They will be interested when they see it impacting their life,” he explained, “And that could be in terms of expanded deficits—which is sort of a distant relationship—or it could be when they have to change their insurance coverage or when their doctor says, ‘I have to do this because of the health care law.'”

But while the future may be unclear, one thing is certain: this issue is not going away any time soon.