There is no limit to the amount of distortion the enviro-left is willing to deploy to accomplish their policy goals. Last month, the Obama Commerce Department issued a report finding that the “scientists at the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration did not manipulate data or otherwise engage in wrongdoing.” But as University of California at Berkeley Professor of Physics and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Faculty Senior Scientist Richard A. Muller explains in the accompanying video, this does not mean that what these scientists produced on global warming can be considered science:

What they did is the took the data form 1961 on, from this peak, and erased it. What was their justification for erasing it? The fact that it went down. … This justification would not have survived peer review in any journal that I am willing to publish in. … And what is the result in my mind? Quite frankly as a scientist, I now have a list of people whose papers I won’t read anymore. You’re not allowed to do this in science. This is not up to our standards.

The left’s duplicity on climate change science did not end with Climategate. Liberals are forever looking to exploit any tragedy to further their political ends. Hence, the activist website Grist’s post-Tokyo earthquake headline:

Today’s tsunami: This is what climate change looks like

Yeah, you read that right: the left in this country wants to blame the Japanese earthquake and tsunami on you. Their claim is that when you drive your car this causes carbon emissions to increase, which causes global temperatures to go up, which causes glaciers to melt, which means “earth’s crust bounces back up again and that triggers earthquakes, which trigger submarine landslides, which cause tsunamis.”

Never mind that there has been no change in the number or size of earthquakes over the last 20 years. Remember, facts and science have no meaning for liberals and their energy tax agenda.