In this week’s Heritage in Focus Roundtable, Heritage panelists discuss this week’s Blogger’s Briefing with special guest Herman Cain, gas prices and the budget.

Just under one year since passage, Obamacare has already taken its toll on businesses, which is why the recent address by Herman Cain (former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and current talk radio host) is especially important. Cain makes clear that government price setting fundamentally skews the marketplace: “The people who are promoting these radically liberal policies have no concept of how the economics differ for different sectors of the economy.”

Check out his full remarks, here.

Also, as the economic recovery continues worldwide, gas prices are pushing up on $4 per gallon. What’s contributing to this rise in price?

And if those two issues aren’t pressing enough on our economy, let’s not forget about the budget. Another short-term continuing resolution was passed this week, cutting $6 billion from the budget and extending funding until April 8th. When will these short-term patches end — are we looking at a government shutdown after this one? Listen to this podcast to hear the answers to those questions and more.