Dr. Martha Boone is no ordinary urologist. For more than a year she has led a grassroots campaign against Obamacare — and for good reason. Boone’s livelihood depends on it.

As the House prepares to vote on repeal today, Boone is struggling with the consequences of the law. Just this week, for example, she learned the cost of health insurance for her five employees was increasing 27 percent. How will she cover the increase? It’s a question weighing on her mind.

We traveled to Atlanta last year to speak to Boone about her concerns. (Read our report and watch our video.) Boone was in the process of moving to a less expensive office in an older building. The move helped her avoid laying off an employee, but it was just one of the sacrifices she made.

Boone cut her own salary by 32 percent. Now she fears she will need to make more sacrifices to avoid more dire circumstances.

She’s not alone. A group known as Docs4PatientCare, led by Dr. Hal Scherz, has brought together doctors across America to make the case for repealing Obamacare.