As the House prepares to consider the repeal of Obamacare this week, Heritage is showcasing stories about the law’s impact on America.

Last year we traveled to Dallas to speak with Larry Patterson. As a small business owner and father, he has much to fear about Obamacare’s consequences to his livelihood and family.

Patterson worries the law will make it more expensive to offer insurance for his employees. But he’s also concerned about how his family will fare as doctors adapt to the changes.

“I don’t know so much that I’m afraid Obamacare would interfere with my doctor and our relationship, as much as I am certain that it will,” Patterson told us. “At some point, the doctor is going to have to decide whether he wants to follow the Hippocratic oath or the Obamacratic oath. When the interest of the patient and the doctor are not in alignment, how is he going to make a decision as to what is the right thing to do when faced with the realities of federal law that says something different?”

The question weighs heavily on Patterson’s mind. It’s one that he hopes members of Congress will seriously consider as they debate repeal this week. Watch the video and read the rest of Patteron’s story.