The fight against Obamacare has begun on a new front as the House of Representatives prepares to consider H.R. 2, a measure to repeal the health care overhaul in its entirety. New Members of Congress campaigned on a promise to fight the unpopular new law, and this is the first step to making good on that promise.

Meanwhile, proponents of Obamacare continue to claim that repeal would hurt Americans and increase the federal deficit. In fact, the reverse is true. The negative impact of the health law will be felt by every American citizen. For example:

  • Obamacare creates trillions in new spending and will add to the federal deficit, putting future taxpayers on the hook.
  • 16 million more Americans will be added to the 58 million receiving Medicaid, a program for low-income citizens that incoming New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called “dysfunctional on many levels” and in need of “a desperate overhaul.” Millions more will remain uninsured.
  • Expanding Medicaid will put already-suffering state budgets further in the red, while the overreach of the federal government threatens state autonomy under our federalist system.
  • Increased enrollment in government health programs, new regulations, and less reimbursement all mean that physicians face more obstacles to the practice of medicine.
  • Cuts to Medicare mean that seniors face reduced access to services, fewer benefits, and higher premiums.
  • New taxes and penalties will make it harder for businesses to create jobs and continue offering health benefits.
  • Government intrusion into family life reaches new heights, as federally funded projects aimed at reducing teen pregnancy deny families any knowledge about the services their children receive.

Our contribution to the debate has not been limited to researching the facts. Heritage has also highlighted the stories of ordinary citizens already dealing with the consequences of “reform” or awaiting worse to come. Our new brochure, “The Impact of Obamacare: From the Frontlines of Our Health Care Crisis,” provides a glimpse into the lives of affected individuals and highlights why the best way forward for all Americans is to fully repeal Obamacare and then start over to get health care reform right.

To learn more about how everyday citizens will be affected by Obamacare and the need for repeal, we invite you to check out our new brochure and the research papers, charts, graphs, and impact calculator that accompany it.