Within days of Obamacare’s passage, The Heritage Foundation began documenting all of the ill Side Effects the new law was inflicting on our country. It has been The Foundry’s most popular feature by far. The Side Effects index page is the third highest trafficked page on the blog. Continuing our Top Ten in 2010 series, here are the Top Ten Side Effects of 2010 ranked by pageviews with the 10th most popular post on top, and the most popular post at the bottom.

10. Doctor Participation May Vary
9. Congress Regulates Themselves Out of Coverage
8. Medical Devices Tax Will Costs Jobs
7. Higher Health Insurance Taxes
6. Get Ready to Change Your Insurance
5. Young to Pay Higher Health Insurance Premiums
4. Obamacare Fueling Higher Insurance Costs
3. Obamacare Doesn’t Work on Children After All
2. Obamacare May Be Fatal for Your HSA
1. Laws No Longer Mean What They Say