I am the co-founder of a tea party group in North Florida and our main focus is education. Since we started our tea party, we have researched issues, met with our representatives, written letters, and attended rallies with our wonderful signs and flags. It’s been a great experience to help revive citizens to become active in their government both at the federal, state and local levels.

We recently hosted a screening of the 33 Minutes movie produced by Heritage. The basic tenet of the movie is this…You only have 33 Minutes to prepare for impact once a nuclear weapon is released and heading towards the United States.

We also had the pleasure of having Dr. James Carafano with us to facilitate a discussion about the movie and our national defense.

We were very excited as we set up the room for the viewing and we were honored that Dr. Carafano had agreed to join us. The room was filled with anticipation and excitement by the 350 people who joined us for the event.

Attendees were eating the scrumptious food that had been arranged by our events team. They were visiting with each other and many found old friends to chat with. We had patriotic music playing and the atmosphere was ripe for a fun event.

When we began the event, our very own color guard presented the colors and we all stood and said the pledge together and sung our national anthem. You could not have asked for a better atmosphere for the event. Americans know how to put on a great party!

The smell of popcorn filled the room as the lights dimmed for the movie to start. As the movie began, you could have heard a pin drop as 350 people watched in awe. The movie was riveting, the production was first class and the information was impressive.

Watching the 33 Minutes movie aroused the “mother bear” in me. As a parent, we teach our children to stand up for themselves when they are bullied. We tell them to say “No!” to strangers and run if they sense danger. We teach them to say “No!” to drugs and alcohol and educate them on the effects of both. We tell them to say “No!” to those who want to have a sexual encounter with them without their permission. It’s our job to educate and protect our children and grandchildren against the many dangers that are in the world.

As the movie ended, I wondered how I would protect my family against the evil in the world and against those who would like to see America obliterated.
We are in danger and we are there because our leaders have a different ideology than the leaders of the past. Talking is taking place of weapons and believing that all man-kind can hold hands together and not fight each other is the norm in Washington, DC.

Reality is this…Talking is good and weapons will protect us.

Our leaders’ job is to protect and defend the Constitution as well as maintain liberty for all of us. Liberty can only be maintained by strong and wise leaders. America needs a leader that builds relationships with those who hate us all the while building a base of weapons to defend us should that relationship falter.

Before the evening ended, Dr. Carafano took questions and relieved the minds of many of us. He gave us hope for our future and ensured us that good always wins in the end. The evening ended with educated and empowered attendees who are now hosting 33 Minutes movie screenings in home tea parties.

We encourage you to host a 33 Minutes movie screening in your grassroots organization or even in your own home. You can request a copy of the movie from Heritage and view the trailer here.

It is a great educational tool and one that will empower your friends and family to vote for the right leaders in 2010 and in 2012. Our safety lies in the hands of those who lead our country. As you choose your leaders, find out where they stand on national security issues. If they want to talk ONLY, consider them weak and naive. If they want to talk AND PREPARE, consider them strong and smart. Then ask yourself – “Which leader would you prefer to be in charge of your personal and national security?”

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