Last week, the White House announced a new White House White Board video series in which “one of our key players on the White House team will cut through the political back-and-forth you hear every day and break down an issue affecting American families into simple, understandable terms”. Their first video features Austan Goolsbee, the new chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, discussing the looming expiration of the 2001/2003 tax cuts.

As you might expect, the video contains a number of distortions and falsehoods that we simply couldn’t ignore. So, as a service to the public, we have re-released the video with a few edits of our own for accuracy.

For instance, we fixed the section where Goolsbee says that “objective economists” all agree that raising taxes is good for the economy in light of a CNN poll showing the exact opposite and his refusal to acknowledge reckless government spending and the explosive growth of entitlements as the real threat to our nation’s fiscal health.

Please take a moment to watch our version and pass it around. Please help us make sure our version is as widely disseminated as the original.