As the summer begins to wind down, many are beginning to take a second look at the grandiose promises made by the Administration about this summer before its start. While this “Recovery Summer” was lauded as the must-see event of the summer, the reality failed to match the rhetoric.

But as many Foundry readers understand, the entire proposition was doomed from the start. Plans planted in flawed Keynesian economics will not bear any fruit. Our latest video exposes this failure, highlighting the Administration’s continued attempt to pass off failed economic policies as successes.

The government is not a reliable engine of economic growth. That engine has historically been—and will continue to be—the private sector.

Congress can play a positive role by allowing private enterprise to function properly and supporting policies that stimulate job creation and encourage investment. If nothing else, hopefully the exposure of all these failed promises will be a reminder to other Americans of the importance of embracing the free market, even if this concept is beyond our current leadership.