A new messaging strategy, based on public polling results from top Democratic pollsters, suggests that congressional lawmakers should wave the white flag when discussing Obamacare in their election campaigns. The PowerPoint presentation, released in a conference call organized by Families USA, encouraged officials to “keep claims small and credible: don’t overpromise or ‘spin’ what the law delivers.”

In other words, abandon ship on claims that lawmakers made for months during the health reform debate—that the legislation would in any way reduce the nation’s deficit or lower health care costs (in fact, this was a recommendation in the presentation’s “not-to-do” list).

But wait, weren’t those the main reasons why President Barack Obama in July 2009 pressed for a fast-track passage of a massive overhaul to our health care system? At a prime-time press conference during a contentious summer when many Americans expressed uncertainty, here’s how the President justified the urgency:

“If we do not control these [health care] costs, we will not be able to control our deficit,” Obama said. “If we do not reform health care, your premiums and out-of-pocket costs will continue to skyrocket.”

Well, the Obama Administration got its “reform,” and the public was left with revised projections of higher deficits. Plus, workers can expect smaller paychecks next year as many businesses plan to pass higher health care costs onto their employees.

The new findings highlight what many pollsters have been reporting for months following the passage of the new health law:

  • Many don’t believe this health reform will help the economy.
  • Voters are concerned about rising health care costs and believe costs will continue to rise.
  • Women in particular are concerned that health law will mean less provider availability—scarcity an issue.

But that’s okay, because Obamacare proponents can use “transition” or “bridge” language to let the public know that “the health care law is not perfect,” Still, since it supposedly does “good things and helps many people,” all the liberals have to do is “improve it.”

Heritage’s newly released “Solutions for America” counters that the nation doesn’t need any more liberal “improvements.” Instead, we need to get our country back on track with a full repeal of ObamaCare along with free-market policies that promote tax equity in health insurance, fix our broken government health programs and encourage states to take the lead.