At a Second Amendment Task Force held earlier this summer, Hans Von Spakovsky, Senior Research Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, explained that Elena Kagan’s lack of action in her current job as Solicitor General with regard to the 2nd Amendment speaks volumes about how Kagan would rule on similar cases that would appear before the Supreme Court.

As Hans explained to the audience,

“”A lot of the discussion and speculation about Kagan’s legal philosophy is limited by her very thin record of scholarship and her complete lack of experience in the courtroom or appellate litigation. So we have to look at what we have and frankly one of the things I think many people have missed is her lack of action in her current job as Solicitor General.”

As the Senate deliberates over Kagan’s nomination this week, it is imperative that they consider the impact her confirmation might have on the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Second Amendment. Additionally, they should review all of the other red flags that exist in her record. Supreme Court appointments are weighty decisions and Kagan’s record should receive the full scrutiny it deserves.