Vice President Joe Biden explained to graduates today why the Obama Doctrine and new national security strategy have all the right answers.

First, it will “guarantee” US prosperity and security. In a world where the enemy gets a vote that seems an incredible boast for an administration committed to more humble and apologetic America.

Most important, Biden rightly stated that America cannot be a great power without having a great economy…but then he also touted the stimulus package that has done little more than stimulate the national debt.

Biden also said the strategy reserves the right to “preemptively” act to defend US interests. That sounds little more than Bush-lite from an administration that thinks strategy is just a matter of sounding like “anything but Bush.”

The Vice President also emphasized the importance of using all the instruments of national power. Another solid statement … but it is hard to see where administration action matches rhetoric. The administration plans significant defense cuts in the year ahead soft power is no substitute for hard power-gutting hard power undermines the effectiveness of soft power.

Finally, Biden stressed the importance of international cooperation…but again it is hard to see many examples of the strategy in action. The administration, for example, abandoned a key missile defense agreements with Poland and the Czech Republic in order to kowtow to Russia. The White House has also failed to close two key defense cooperation agreements with Britain and Australia.

It was a great speech Joe…but not one that can guarantee America a safe, secure, and prosperous future.