It is being widely reported that the Director of National Intelligence has resigned.

Much of the speculation over the resignation revolves around his role in directing counterterrorism operations. Regardless, of this speculation the conduct of global counterterrorism operations by the Obama administration is a legitimate concern. Thirty-one terrorist plots have been foiled since 9/11—two out of the last three in this administration have been by shear luck.

The White House continues to deemphasize the threat of Islamist terrorism and the Long War against al Qaeda. It has also failed to craft a responsible long-term detention and interrogation policy, even suggesting that Miranda rights of all US citizens should be weakened. The administration is not alone to blame. Congress remains dysfunctional on homeland security with 108 committees, sub-committees, and commissions claiming jurisdiction over the department.

It is long past time this administration started treating keeping the nation safe, free, and prosperous as job #1 and focus on battling the terrorist 24-7-365.