In case you had any doubts about whether Washington bureaucrats were completely out of touch with ordinary Americans, the Environmental Protection Agency is here to reassure you—they are.

While Americans across the country have been tightening their belts and dealing with a wave of new taxes, fees, and regulations, the EPA has launched a video contest to celebrate their brand of over-regulation. They are offering $2,500 to whomever puts together the best video lauding the merits of regulation in American life.

In the interest of providing a slightly different perspective, the Heritage Foundation submitted our own entry this morning, reminding those who watch of Washington’s all-too-familiar habit of promoting job-killing, expansive regulation. Whether in the law, in business, or even in the grocery aisle, government continues to expand its powers, leaving increasingly little room for us and our liberties—a problem Heritage has long documented.

So, in the spirit of education, we encourage you to watch and share our video on Facebook, retweet it on Twitter, and help us get the word out. The more people that view our video, the harder it will be to ignore.

Also, consider your submitting your own video before the May 17 deadline and posting a link to it in the comments below. Let Washington know what you think of their history with regulation. You can find the complete rules on the EPA website.

Oh, and should we win—and we’re waiting on pins and needles—we will be donating the prize to an entrepreneur who is struggling to stay afloat in the wake of all that over-regulation.