Last Thursday was Tax Day, a day when many Americans pause to consider the impact that rising taxes have on their life and what they could have done with all that money they sent to the government. To memorialize the day, Heritage released a video “Tax Day By the Numbers” to help illustrate the burden that our out-of-control fiscal policy places on Americans. Additionally, we joined Americans around the country who attended local tea party protests.

During the D.C. protest, organized by FreedomWorks, we went around and chatted with many attendees from all across the country and a handful of the speakers, like Andrew Breitbart, Victoria Jackson, and Congressman Tom Price (R-GA). The video above is a short compilation of a handful of those interviews. The event was a great example of how informed and energetic Americans are to reign in government. As one retired Marine from Florida told me, “I’d like to see smaller government. I’d like to see a balanced budget. I’d like to see term limits. I’d like to see, for once, more men and women of character in our Congress.”