At the close of this week’s nuclear summit, President Barack Obama told a press conference: “Whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower, and when conflicts break out, one way or another we get pulled into them.”

Yesterday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) responded to these comments, calling President Obama’s remark a “direct contradiction to everything America believes in.” McCain went on to tell Fox News:

That’s one of the more incredible statements I’ve ever heard a president of the United States make in modern times. We are the dominant superpower, and we’re the greatest force for good in the history of this country, and I thank God every day that we are a dominant superpower.

Sensing trouble, the White House quickly set out to spin the President’s words with deputy national security adviser for strategic communications Ben Rhodes telling The Daily Caller: “He was saying we are the global superpower. Like it or not that means that we are going to have to play a role.” But notice what word is conspicuously absent from Rhodes recasting of the President’s remarks … “military.”

Nobody doubts that President Obama wants the United States to play a leadership role on the world stage. You don’t get Nobel Peace Prizes for being an isolationist. But what is very much in doubt is President Obama’s commitment to maintaining our nation’s role as the world’s dominant military superpower.

Assuming we will remain a dominant military power under this President is a bad assumption. Since becoming Commander in Chief, President Obama has ended production of the Air Force’s top fighter, the F-22; canceled missile defense installations in central Europe; cut the Army’s Future Combat System; made large cuts to the missile defense program; and recently announced an almost 20% cut in the dedicated forces they could allocate to respond to a weapons of mass destruction attack on U.S. soil.

We are not burdened with military power—we have it for a reason. The Constitution calls for the federal government to “provide for the common defense.” The purpose of American power is to protect Americans – not act as the world’s policeman.

If the President does not want to get dragged into conflict he should not pursue policies that increase the likelihood of war. His New START agreement signed last week with Russia not only clearly links our missile defense shield with Russian missile reduction, but it also limits our own conventional weapons capabilities as well. Obama’s New START will make the United States more vulnerable.

You can do something to help stop Obama’s anti-military agenda. Today at 10 AM  Heritage Action for America will be hosting a live-chat to discuss the security implications of the New START and how you can prevent its ratification. Go to Heritage Action for America for more information today.

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