The President of The Heritage Foundation, Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, today passed along his heartfelt condolences to the people of Poland and joins them in mourning the tragic passing of their President, Lech Kaczynski, the First Lady Maria Kaczynska and other Polish officials and ministers. Dr. Feulner stated:

“On behalf of the entire Heritage family I pass to the people of Poland our heartfelt condolences for the tragedy that occurred this morning. Poland is a strong ally, one we can count on as evidenced by the more than 2,000 Polish troops fighting alongside ours in Afghanistan. And Poland has been a friend from the very start of our Republic, whose birth was aided by the brave General Pulaski.

“The Heritage Foundation has a long and proud association with Poland, with both its leaders and its people. And as Americans, we will forever be grateful for Poland’s unstinting support in the wake of our own tragedy on 9/11.

“Poland is a country which has suffered monstrously over the years, most notably in fighting for its freedom against Nazism and Communism. President Kaczynski will forever be remembered as a true Polish patriot, with an unflinching commitment to his country’s liberty and self-determination. Poland can take comfort that their great advances as a nation in the past two decades represent the culmination of President Kaczynski’s hard work and lifelong dedication to his beloved country.

“On my many visits to Poland, I have always been struck by the fortitude of her courageous people and leaders. Today, they and we are deeply saddened. As our Polish friends come to terms with their devastating loss, they can be sure that the American people stand shoulder to shoulder with them in this dark hour.”