If you’re not willing to make significant sacrifices in your life to save the environment, don’t worry, you’re not alone. A new Rasmussen survey “shows that only 17% of adults believe most Americans would be willing to make major cutbacks in their lifestyle in order to help save the environment. Most (65%) say that’s not the case.” But that’s the name of the game for radical environmental agendas and even government regulations geared towards forcing Americans to use less energy.  Environmentalists want people to dramatically change their behavior. Of the ideas suggested by environmentalists or proposed/enacted by Members of Congress, what would the respondents consider major cutbacks?

Paying significantly higher electricity bills.
More pain at the gas pump
Forced into smaller, less safe vehicles
Swapping your pet cat or dog for a pet you can eat
Reducing your meat consumption
Eliminating school choice
Rolling brownouts and blackouts
Regulations on schools, farms, restaurants, hospitals, apartment complexes, churches, and anything with a motor—from motor vehicles to lawnmowers, jet skis, and leaf blowers.

These are just a few examples of environmental alarmist ideas to reduce our nation’s carbon footprint or actual government-proposed laws and regulations.  Are those major enough?