As we mentioned earlier today, Judge Andrew Napolitano, author and Fox News analyst, sat down with us this week to discuss a number of issues. In addition to the tea party and Obamacare, we also talked about what it would mean for Justice Stevens to retire and what type of nominee we could expect from President Obama.

In light of today’s announcement that Justice Stevens is indeed stepping down, we are posting that full exchange for you here. In the interview, Judge Napolitano was candid in his analysis:

“[Stevens’] views would likely be the same as whoever replaces him. So the liberal versus conservative, Constitutionalist versus big government coalitions on the Court would not change. However, what will change is that you are replacing someone who is 90 with someone who is 45.

I would expect the President to nominate the most liberal, radical, person that he can find because he is unlikely to ever have the numerical superiority in the Senate that he has today.”