Tweet of the Week

Representative Aaron Shock (R-IL), currently the youngest member of Congress sent out this tweet on Wednesday in the wake of the first anniversary of President Obama’s failed stimulus bill:

That’s less than [percentage] of people who think Elvis is still alive RT @GOPLeader Only 6 percent of Americans think ‘stimulus’ has created jobs.

As Rep. Shock points out, while roughly 7 percent of Americans believe Elvis Presley is still alive, only 6 percent believe this Administration’s claims that it’s policies have resulted in new jobs. President Obama and his staff spent most of this week trying to demonstrate how the stimulus . But while the Administration has begun to realize that many Americans aren’t buying their rhetoric, they show little signs of changing pace. As we reported in today’s Morning Bell, “The New York Times is reporting that the Obama administration is …  set to introduce their own health care bill on Monday that is specifically designed to pass the Senate through reconciliation on a strictly partisan vote.”

If President Obama and his allies want to appear more credible to the American public, they would be wise to slow down, change course, and pursue policies that have a real chance of elevating both economic growth and public opinion.