Earlier this week, The Foundry carried a post by Jim Roberts, a Heritage Senior Research Fellow in Freedom and Growth, which wisely recommended that President Obama appoint former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to lead U.S. recovery efforts in the earthquake-stricken nation of Haiti. This type of high-level bipartisan leadership is critical in raising U.S. support and resources for the effort, as was demonstrated by Clinton and former President George H.W. Bush during the Tsunami relief effort in 2004.

Some liberal voices including Daily Kos, Rachel Maddow and OpenLeft were outraged at this recommendation. Apparently, the partisan politics of the past forbid Obama to call on Bush to exercise the same humanitarian resolve that former U.S. presidents have exercised in the past. Thankfully, President Obama rose above such petty and vitriolic partisanship and made the correct decision to ask both Clinton and Bush to lead the effort. With that background, we give you the Tweet of the Week from David Sirota. Sirota is a columnist, radio host, former Democratic strategist and contributor to the liberal website OpenLeft.

@davidsirota: Following orders from Heritage Foundation, Obama appoints George W. Bush to head Haiti relief. Unreal. http://bit.ly/7mpmOm

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