Yesterday the American Medical Association announced their support for the Senate version of Obamacare. Which is interesting since both the House and Senate versions of Obamacare cut doctor Medicare reimbursement rates by 20% starting in 2011. If Obamacare were to reinstate these cuts, the plan would add $196 billion to the deficit in the first 10 years and $765 billion in the second decade.

But President Barack Obama promised the American people yesterday: “I just want to be clear, for all those who are continually carping about how this is somehow a big-spending government bill, this cuts our deficit by $132 billion the first 10 years and by over $1 trillion in the second. The argument that opponents are making against this bill does not hold water.”

So either the AMA is misinformed about whether or not Congress and President Obama will save their Medicare reimbursement rates, or President Obama is misinformed when he tells the American people his health care plan will cut the deficit. Both the AMA and the President owe the American people an explanation.