It’s simple: “Our approach in Utah is to give consumers more choice,” said Governor Herbert during a Heritage Foundation visit earlier this week. “If we can put them in the control position where they’re spending dollars that are their own, they’re going to make better choices.”

Similarly, the Governor believes that States, not the federal government will be better at fixing what ails America’s health care system. “It really ought to be the states leading on health care reform,” he said. In fact, “states want to be partners” with the federal government, but “the states are being frozen out by the establishment here in Washington DC in their zeal to get something in place.”

Governor Herbert thinks we should take advantage of the 50 state laboratories to test innovative solutions and determine what works over the long term. “As opposed to Washington DC which has one shot at getting it right and finding something that fits for everybody.” That approach “never works,” said Herbert.

The online health exchange now being used in Utah puts the consumer in the driver seat, allowing him to make informed decisions about his health care. “It’s kind of like a Travelocity.com. You have an opportunity to look at many different plans…to find the one that will work for you and your family.”

“I think it’s going to be a significant step in the right direction of private sector competition.”