Conservatives may have defeated Hillarycare fifteen years ago, but in the intervening years the left succeeded in passing a slew of incremental reforms that have led to a slow but steady march toward a government takeover of health care in this country.

These Hillarycare-lite measures include adding more middle-class kids to the children’s health care program (known as SCHIP), along with expanding Medicaid eligibility. As of 2007, the federal government controlled 46% of every health care dollar spent compared to 44% in 1993.

But should Obamacare become law (specifically the House bill) the government takeover of health care would be greatly accelerated. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the Obama HHS department, the government could control more than 50% of all health care spending –even before most of the major spending provisions in the House bill are implemented.

Government takeover of the health care sector? You decide.